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Buick service

The right Buick service can improve vehicle safety, reduce the need for costly repairs, and ensure every ride in your vehicle is smooth and comfortable. Starling Buick GMC is here to help. Whether you’re searching for a new or pre-owned vehicle or the service that will keep it running right, we have you covered.

We’re also sharing resources and information on recognizing service needs, so you can get the care your car deserves as soon as possible.

Common Car Noises and Their Causes

Routine car service is essential, but it’s also important to be able to recognize signs of damage or wear. Here are a few common car noises and their causes, so you can bring your vehicle in for Buick service when the time comes:


If your vehicle is struggling to turn over or all you hear is a ticking or clicking sound, that means your battery is low or dead. Batteries typically last three to five years, and you can notice wear or damage in dim interior lighting, the smell of sulfur, or obvious signs of corrosion.


A screeching sound is hard to ignore. If you hear a screeching sound from under the hood, one of your belts is loose and needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Grinding or Squealing

Worn brake pads are one of the most common causes of car noise. When your brake pads wear down, the metal begins to rub together, causing a grinding or squealing sound when you brake. Also watch for a prolonged stopping distance and softer pedal feel.


If you notice a rattling sound coming from the back of the vehicle, it may mean your exhaust system is loose. The muffler on the exhaust is close to the ground and the curb and may have become damaged or worn. When the muffler is no longer functioning properly, you’ll hear loud exhaust sounds, and your vehicle will be less efficient.

For more information on common service needs and to get the care you deserve, schedule Buick service at Starling Buick GMC today.

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